From the Alpaka Host Online Control Panel, you’ll have real–time access to the server resources used by your websites plus the traffic that’s generated by your readers. The information is visualized in an intuitive visual interface, on a daily, weekly and per–month basis. Also, you can get detailed information about our system such as the actual IP address of the server, the OS, the currently employed versions of PHP and MySQL and many others.

Server Information and Facts

Information regarding your hosting server

Inside the Server Information and facts part of the Online Control Panel, you can find more information with regards to the hosting server your hosting plans account is situated on. You can find out which is the OS, the actual IP address plus the current Perl/MySQL versions, find additional information in regards to the mounted Perl modules along with the inbound and outbound mail servers, watch the hosting server load, and so on.

You’ll also get more information around the PHP version without having to configure phpinfo files, and so on.

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Access & Error Listing

Receive info on your websites’ functionality

Using the information collected in the Access & Error Logs section of your Online Control Panel, you can easily uncover virtually any possible troubles with the operation of your websites. The access listing will reveal all kinds of data files like texts, pictures and movies that were looked over from your visitors as the error listing will capture just about any cautions and glitches that have taken place during their stay on your site.

It is easy to download the access and error record data for each of your operational web sites from the Web Statistics Manager section of your Online Control Panel.

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Website Stats

The easiest way to check site visitors’ volumes

When you run an effective web site, it’s crucial that you understand a lot about website visitors – how many unique visits your website gets, how many website visitors return to your site, precisely what keywords and phrases people have used to find your site, and so forth. In the Web Statistics Manager section of your Online Control Panel, you will find two web traffic statistics instruments – Webalizer and Awstats that will help you obtain the information that you require.

The instruments require no setup. After your site is on the web, they’ll start gathering data with no effort on your part.

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CPU Statistics

Keep tabs on your websites’ CPU load

The CPU stats integrated in your Online Control Panel will give you live info of the load that’s generated on your web hosting account by your scripts, database requests, etc. Consequently, the more dynamic and complex your site is, the more server resources it will require to always be working well.

The server load information is supplied within an easily readable way and presents you with info on the web server load accumulated per day, monthly or per year. This correct info can keep you informed on the hosting server memory use at virtually any minute and can allow you to stop your websites from getting offline because of server overload (exceeded CPU usage limitations).

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