The 2 most typical reasons why you should get a web server of your own are in the event that a shared Internet hosting account can't handle the load of the sites hosted inside it or if the Internet sites require certain software to be running on the machine, but it cannot be installed on a shared machine. In these cases you can get your own server, but this also means that you'll be in control of its maintenance, which is not the situation with a shared Internet hosting server where the service provider carries out everything. In this light, we have developed a Managed Services upgrade, which could be added to any of our web server plans if you do not have the time or the capabilities to take care of your machine. Our system administrators shall install and troubleshoot software, update your OS and much more as to provide you with the opportunity to concentrate on building your Internet sites instead of handling different maintenance tasks.
Managed Services Package in VPS Servers
If you choose to sign up for one of our VPS servers package deals, you'll be able to add the Managed Services upgrade either during the order process or anytime later on from your billing CP and renew it for as long as you require it along with the VPS monthly payments. If that upgrade is active for your package deal, we will keep weekly backups the entire content which you have on the server, so if anything bad happens after some update, for instance, we could restore the VPS they way it was. Our administrators shall also keep an eye on the machine always and if an issue turns up, they shall take care of it or will reboot the machine. The upgrade includes 30 minutes of custom work, which is ample for most tasks - setting up and troubleshooting third-party software that you want to use or which doesn't run properly. Furthermore, we'll also keep your OS up-to-date to ensure that your machine remains safe and stable always.
Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers
The package is available with all of the dedicated web hosting plans we offer and if you would like to benefit from all services it includes, you can add it with a mouse click on the web server order page or every time you need it from your billing CP. You can also choose if you will employ this upgrade regularly as it can be renewed independently from the dedicated hosting server plan. In the event you have very important information on the machine, we'll back it up regularly as fifty Gigabytes of disk space on an individual hosting server will be at your disposal. Our admins shall also keep an eye on the hosting server constantly, install the most recent updates for its Operating System and reboot it every time this is needed. As the Managed Services upgrade offers installation and troubleshooting too, they'll also help you with any third-party software and install it for you. This will enable you to use our server even if you are not really tech-savvy and you have not used a server of your own before.